The Wellness Series, with Roxie Nafousi and Flora Macdonald Johnston

This August, stay tuned for our wellness series in collaboration with self-development coach, Roxie Nafousi alongside journalist and fashion director, Flora Macdonald Johnston. Throughout the month, you will be able to tune into a trio of wellness talks hosted weekly, that will champion the importance of wellness from the inside out. The talks will take place via our IGTV on Wednesday, 4 August, Wednesday, 11 August and Wednesday, 18 August.

Each complimentary talk will focus on:

Talk One - Intuitive eating, body image and the definition of beauty

The hosts will be covering the definition of beauty, how it is changing, the body positivity movement vs diet culture, what we can do instead, and intuitive eating and mindset.

Talk Two - The effects of stress and burn out

Roxie and Flora will discuss how we live in a culture of always striving for more and moving forward, at the expense of our own wellbeing. Where is the line between motivation and being responsible? Roxie will talk about rest and how to make yourself more productive in a healthy balanced way.

Talk Three - Harnessing self-development and where do you start

The hosts will share how the pandemic has given us time to self-reflect and remove the escape of going out drinking and socialising to forget our problems. How do we feel better, invest time and develop ourselves? A beginner’s step by step guide of self-development.

Channelling health and wellness from the inside out, we have curated a limited-edition drinks menu alongside a series of our delightful dishes, available from Wednesday, 4 AugustWednesday, 18 August.